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Get your business on track to achieve your goals.

Boxcar Advisory puts your leadership team on the right track to become a strong and cohesive leadership team that is highly disciplined in working towards a clear vision of growth and predictable company success.

With Boxcar Advisory, I work hard with my clients to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) that builds healthy and accountable Leadership Teams. EOS® is a proven, straight forward and well-organized methodology that has been successfully implemented at over 6,600 companies by more than 250 trained EOS Implementers like me.

Ultimately, the results obtained from implementing EOS is proportional to the collective commitment of your leadership team to be your best. Implementing EOS with Boxcar Advisory is not an easy endeavor – it takes hard work and typically an ongoing commitment for 12–24 months. If you have the willingness to implement EOS, you and your company will be on an intensive track for success and growth.

Paul Tetreault

Principal of Boxcar Advisor
and a Certified Implementer of the
Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®)

I am a full-contact Business Coach that has experienced firsthand of what it is like to sign both sides of a paycheck as I did in my first company that grew to 100+ employees. My experience is no different than your own and I will draw from this business experience to help your team overcome similar challenges that my team conquered. I embrace the fundamentals of EOS because they just work well for my clients and I will passionately help your leaders implement these practical tools throughout your company. You will feel an energized operational rhythm from a unified leadership strategy that drives your company everyday, so you get the business results you want.

Confronting Issues to Get Lasting Solutions – Once and for All.

Bringing candor and clarity to your leadership meetings.

Issues that frustrate business performance tend to be the same recurring issues that never find a lasting solution, perhaps as a result of resource limitations or team dynamics suppress the candid dialogue needed to isolate issues and permanently solve them.

I am a passionate and unbiased Implementer of EOS that helps leadership teams craft achievable strategies, permanently solve issues, and confront sensitive or unspoken matters by facilitating constructive dialogue. Boxcar Advisory serves only the company in dogged pursuit of action plans that solve issues permanently and only for the betterment of the company – never for advancing individual goals.

Client Testimonial

Paul has challenged us to think “bigger”, “better” and “faster”. His favorite saying is “if you are comfortable – you are not going fast enough”. We are all fans of the EOS process and methodology but it really is Paul that helps us gain clarity and focus so we are all rowing in the same direction.

Farida Ali, CEO of Dynamic Computers

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